Saturday, July 13, 2024

‘Delhi Crime’ makes you question what all goes into making a criminal: Shefali Shah


Is someone a ‘born criminal’ or does society play a role increating one? This is the central conflict that will be explored in the second season of “Delhi Crime”, says actor Shefali Shah.
Shah, who returns as DCP Vartika Chaturvedi in the upcoming installment of the acclaimed Netflix drama, said this time the police procedural series is more reflective in nature in comparison to the first chapter.
“I see the growth in these characters who have been loved. The beauty of ‘Delhi Crime’ is that it makes you question what all goes into making a criminal.
“Is it just as simple as pointing a finger to somebody? How has the society, how have I contributed to the good and the bad? It’s a lot of this stuff, which is so deep,” the 49-year-old actor told PTI in an interview over Zoom.
Returning with the second season of a popular and awarded show like “Delhi Crime” was tough, she said. But what kept the team going was approaching the two chapters as two “individual shows”.
Besides different cases being under investigation, a lot has changed from season one to season two.
Filmmaker Richie Mehta, who directed the first chapter, is attached as the creator of season two, which is directed and showrun by Tanuj Chopra.
What remains the same is the core of “Delhi Crime”, added Shah.
“They are individual shows… In ‘Delhi Crime’ one, the case is different. This is a different story being told by a different creator. At the same time, the core, soul and grain of DC isn’t going to waver.”
The first season, which premiered in 2019, followed the 2012 case of the gangrape and murder of the physiotherapy intern, who was assaulted on a cold December night in a moving bus by six men and died of her grievous injuries 13 days later in a Singapore hospital.
The new chapter sees Delhi Police probe a spate of serial killings, leading to fears about the resurgence of the notorious ‘kachcha-baniyan gang’, which was at its peak in the 1990s.
Shah likened her character and the show to a tree that has “spread out” over the years.
“There has been growth in the show, in the story, and in the characters. When I say growth, there is a tree that grows upward and then there is a tree that grows sideways, and it spreads out. I see that growth in Vartika. Good, bad, ugly, whatever. It’s far more spread out, intricate and complex,” she added.
“Delhi Crime” also has the distinction of being the first Indian show to have won the best drama series honour at the International Emmy Awards in 2020.
According to Shah, there was no question of “competing” with the previous season.(PTI)