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Defining hour is approaching for announcing honourable & acceptable solution: WC NNPGs

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DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 11: The Working Committee, Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) today said that the defining hour is approaching for announcing an honourable and acceptable solution therefore both Government and the Working Committee have felt that the unity of Nagas at this time is critical.
The WC, NNPGs, held a meeting with Interlocutor, RN Ravi at Police Complex Chumukedima, where the Interlocutor affirmed that GoI is taking forward the decision of the Naga groups taken on October 31, 2019.
In a press release issued by its Media Cell, the WC, NNPGs, stated that the Government of India has acknowledged the fact that Naga tribes and civil societies have spelled out their position on the Indo-Naga political issue and in reciprocal manner, it is determined to fulfill the political aspiration of the Naga people.
“The official position on Nagas is that the Naga issue must be settled and waiting period is over. GOI is preparing necessary steps,” the WC stated.
The release further stated that the WC, NNPGs, cordial engagement with neighbouring communities was appreciated by GOI because any outcome would affect all in the neighbourhood and it should be continued.
While it is the desire of the GOI and the Naga people that there should be only one solution, GOI will not wait for anyone anymore, it stated.
The WC said that it has disclosed the status papers of the negotiations to the Naga tribes, elected representatives, past and present, Naga civil societies and the church leaders, which has created positive impact as it has proven to be the only practical approach to resolve the Indo-Naga political issue.
“The solution is a Naga solution. It is going to be a people’s solution,” the Working Committee reiterated.
The WC conveyed to the GOI interlocutor that Intangki reserve forest is the common property of all Nagas and it should be restored to its original pristine position. It cannot, in whatsoever manner, be disturbed post solution.
In response, the Interlocutor said that Intangki belongs to the people of Nagaland and the GoI have no say in the land and natural resources of the Nagas.
Stating this is one aspect of the sovereign rights of the Nagas, the WC appealed for prayer support from the Naga people till acceptable and honourable political solution is declared.
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GPRN/NSCN endorses stand of WC NNPGs
Dimapur, September 11: The GPRN/NSCN has endorsed and affirmed its satisfaction of the explicit stand taken by the Working Committee of Naga National Political Groups (WC/NNPGs).
It has also endorsed for an early announcement of the Indo-Naga political solution that is honourable and acceptable by the Nagas.
“We also agree to endorse and support to stand by the ” Agreed Position ” signed between Government of India (GOI) and Working Committee, Naga National Political Groups (WC/NNPGs),” a release issued by MIP, GPRN/NSCN stated. (Page News Service)