Dear Nagas, is it change you want?


Together, we have the solution if you really want it. Read on…..
The kind of problems that we have in our state cannot be solved in a conventional manner, simply because of its enormity where evil conduct has exceeded all conceivable limits. The word corruption is no longer strong enough to describe the situation we are in today. We are confused and ashamed with no hope in sight, in fact we are being stripped of our modesty. Yet if we don’t do anything now, the arrangement is being made by our politicians to drag us still further to a point we never want to find out. It is estimated that we have about three lakhs qualified individuals out of which about eighty thousands are unemployed youths and three lakhs plus are drop outs. Is it not enough to make a move? Young Nagas, we are talking about your today and tomorrow so if you don’t respond and rise up to the call when given, you could lose the chance of a lifetime for the dire change needed today in this forthcoming election. It is strongly expected that the Nagas will wake up from their slumber this time since the conditions are very favourable for this kind of movement, so when this happens, the concerned citizens should gather together in strength where they will have absolute authority to decide how to raise up 31 plus new candidates in order to replace the entire batch of these corrupt leaders, it is as simple as that. The entire population is frustrated and filled with negative energy, especially among the young people, hence this energy must be ventilated to form a force called “revolution”. If it is anything short of some kind of revolution, our kind of problems will not be solved, the history of the world has shown us. Believe in the power of people, mankind has done wonders in the past and it can happen right here if you could have the courage to believe. Unconventional? Yes, a kind of revolution. Solution? Yes, nothing short of replacing the entire batch of present corrupt leaders, because it is perfectly possible. Remember, it is the power of people with which we are going to challenge the corrupt forces. Situation in the state is saturated, now what we need is a spark somewhere to start the process of movement, so have some courage and await the opportunity in this.

-Kaka Zhimomi

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