Dealing With Corona Pandemic


As the nCovid19 tends to take us by storm, it is important for all citizen to rise up to the challenging occasion and face these half living – half dead sub-microscopic creatures with calm and clean social etiquettes. It is probable that as the stage ascends, the situation could become stressful or even grim,and hence a kind of disaster management plan should be put in place at all levels. In order to be effective, these plans may be bottom-up in nature. To begin with village council must be the unit of management, the village headman can draft capable youth or Village defance unit, trained them and keep them motivated to deal with emerging needs. Likewise in urban areas, each ward council member should raisea unit of volunteers to deal with any upcoming challenges. All the units of civil administrations of a sub-divisional or district level should been in touch with these bodies constantly through social network to take in feedbacks and disseminate instructions and supplies to the needy. All available resources of daily needs should be used very judiciously by everyone. Handy first-aids at home can make a difference when it could be difficult to get accesses to medics. To keep the mischief mongers and fake news at bay, hourly updates should be made available by Red Cross or authentic press briefing by nodal health officer.
The civil rationing of supply system including water, food packets, sanitizers, masks and other basic needs for the BPL families shouldbe made operational with the help of the above mentioned bodies. Law cost production unit of sanitizers and masks at local levels may be encouraged.
All educators of all educational Institutions should go online from their home, even for a couple of hour daily to engaged school children in teaching-learning activity at home. To keep the little children healthy and happy, parents / guardian can engage them in meditation, yoga, namaz, indoor uncrowded games and other skill development activities. Self-quarantine and social distancing without getting panicky is the need of the hour. Senior citizen and children should get priority in medical attentions.
In the meantime, all possible ramifications in case long lockdown may be studied by the social scientists and possible remedy suggested and be made public.Let’shope that our research scholars study harder to invent the magic pill or vaccine to conquer the invisible pathogen called nCovid19.All professionals should be battle ready and willingly go extra mile to lend their helpinghand should the situation demand. Last but not the least let’s hope and pray that the stage do not climb any further altitude but if it surprise us let us face it as one human race rising far above self. As of now, Stay home, stay safe!
Mir Faruque, Guwahati

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