Tuesday, October 3, 2023

DDMA team verifies damages by hailstorm at Pungro sub-division

Dimapur, May 9: A hailstorm caused damages to the community on April 21 last at Pungro Sub-Division, Kiphire. In this regard DDMA Team led by ADC Pungro verified the damages caused by the hailstorm incident on April 21 and further detailed assessment was made on April 27.
As per the Disaster Situation Report (DSR) submitted to DDMA Kiphire on 22nd April 2020, it was reported that 122 fully damaged, 112 severely damaged and 283 partially damaged properties and relief was sanctioned accordingly as per the norms of assistance under state Disaster Response Fund.
However, DDMA Kiphire made on the spot assessment and submitted to NSDMA that affected 514 households were partially damaged only.
Therefore, the Government of Nagaland has constituted an Inter-Departmental State Team (IDST) led by L.Jonjibemo Odyuo, SRRO, NSDMA along with representative from PWD (Housing), Soil & Water Conservation and NSRLM(Rural Development).
The Inter-Departmental State Team (IDST) reached Pungro Sub-Division on May 7 and a short briefing was held with ADC & EAC Pungro on May 8 before the IDST and DDMA Team moved out for on the spot assessment at Salomi Village.
A brief meeting was held between the team and the village council Salomi before assessment was made. In this regard, the IDST has started to collect information from the affected families going house to house as per the proforma of on the spot assessment in view of the hailstorm incident at Salomi Village on April 21.
The team is entrusted by the Government of Nagaland to assist further co-literal damages due to the hailstorm incident on April 21. The team is in the process of assessment at Salomi Village and will be covering Pinkim village, Khongsa Town, Moya Village, Kiuro Village, Pungro Town, Pungro Village, New Vongti and Old Vongti. (Page News Service)