Saturday, July 31, 2021
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DDCF questions Govt on illegal taxation


Dimapur, September 25: The Dimapur District Citizens’ Forum (DDCF) has expressed deep concern over the prevailing exorbitant taxation pandemic in and around Dimapur.
DDCF questioned the concerned authority(s) as to how such illegal collections are happening in broad daylight, thereby giving a bad picture/image to Dimapur.
It said the formation of Public Action Committee(PAC) by the citizens of Dimapur is in one way a very big shame for the government, as it clearly shows the failure of the government to contain such illegal activities which is the root cause of peoples’ suffering.
It asked the concerned authority to look into the representations submitted by the PAC and implement them immediately.
DDCF also appreciated the PAC for its noble cause and taking this initiative for the welfare of the people. It appealed to the citizens of Dimapur to come out and support the PAC in its endeavour and strengthen the PAC for a better and progressive Dimapur. (Page News Service)