Sunday, January 24, 2021
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DDCF dismayed by ‘careless handling’ of returnees

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Dimapur, June 5: The Dimapur District Citizens’ Forum (DDCF) has expressed dismay over the repeated violation of the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) by the Government.
“After the Tuensang incident, a new team headed by the CM and Dy. CM was set up and the people had high expectations of better handling of the returnees to Nagaland from other states on the issue of Covid-19 pandemic. However, the same mistake has been repeated and this time it is Peren District which becomes the victim,” it said in a press release.
The DDCF said the present case is more serious and severe as the concerned authority had proper and confirmed knowledge regarding the status of the patient. Yet, it said, the revised SOP was totally neglected and a COVID-19 positive patient was made to travel along with other returnees to Peren district from the quarantine center in Dimapur.
“This has posed a great threat to the people of Peren district in particular and the citizens of Nagaland in general. If this kind of careless handling of the returnees and the positive patients continue, the hour is very near for community transmission of Covid-19 in the midst of single BSL lab, very few ventilators, very limited health workers in very few COVID hospitals,” it stated.
The DDCF appealed to the Government of Nagaland that in future all cases concerning COVID-19 issues be dealt very sensitively and the highest caution taken to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission.
“Even for those who had completed the institutional quarantine period needs to be cautiously handled. And, also while sending people back to their respective village the Government needs to arrange for their transportation till their village/colony so as to restrict/prevent them from coming into contacts directly with their dear and near ones until their community/home quarantine period is over. This will help further in the prevention of transmission of the Covid-19 pandemic,” it suggested.
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