Wednesday, April 14, 2021

DDCC tours Purana Bazar ‘B’

Dimapur, February 22: The District touring programme of the District District Congress Committee entered its second day with the meeting at Purana Bazar ‘B’ under 3 Dimapur III A/C.
Addressing the public and the party workers, Bendangyanger, DCC President said the public are witness of how the Rio led PDA government is functioning. He reminded the gathering that there are lots of schemes from the centre for the public but it never really reaches the masses. He urged the party workers to work hard for the victory of the party or else we cannot expect change under the present regime.
He further stressed on the need to set up the booth workers at the earliest and encouraged Congress workers to visit house to house to spread the ideology of Congress.
Akavi N Zhimomi, Secretary, NPCC who spoke on the occasion recalled how the entire country and especially the Northeast is suffering under the rule of the BJP led government. He said the freedom of speech guaranteed by the constitution is suppressed and curtailed by the Government and any dissent is considered as an act of sedition.
He said the public has not benefitted anything from the BJP Government. It is the responsibility of the government to come up with good policies and ideas for the welfare of the people but it is just the opposite under the present government, he said.
He lamented that if the Government can slap charges of sedition on senior journalists, politicians, Social Activists then one can imagine the fate of common man. He encouraged the party workers not to demoralize themselves but work selflessly for the victory of the party. He reminded the party workers not to expect anything from the party instead work hard for the upliftment of the party.
He also reminded the gathering how the BJP tried to pass the Citizenship Amendment Bill but was defeated by the opposition under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi.
Temjenyanger, Secretary, NPCC told the gathering that the people of India had put their trust and given their mandate to the INC for more than 50 years and the Congress had been able to come to power because of the grassroot level Congress workers. He said that there are only two national parties which can lead the country and the people have given opportunity to both the Congress and the BJP but the people of India have realized their mistake of electing BJP to power.
He said the Congress party does not discriminate people on the basis of caste, creed, color and religion in fact the Congress party has introduced progressive policies for every section of the people.
He said the Congress has introduced Jan Sampark Abhiyan or Door-Door Campaign but the BJP does not and cannot organise Door-Door Campaign because they have done nothing for the welfare of the people. He also reminded the gathering that the power is in the hands of the electorates and we should make judicious use of it.
Sentila, DMCC Presiden expressed dismay at how the BJP Government changed Christmas to Good Governance day, and good Friday to Digital India day. She said that the BJP also stopped giving scholarship to theology students. She further said that the Modi Government promised to give LPG subsidy, but even that is not refunded. She also stressed on how Price rise has become a grave concern for housewives.
She further lamented that the deplorable road condition has compelled the public to contribute money from among themselves to repair the roads. She said that the government of the day has no regard for the miseries of the people and how the people are frustrated with the present Government.
Goan Bura of Purana Bazaar ‘B’ Village who also attended the meeting welcomed the Congress Party workers and appreciated the sacrifice of the party workers for visiting the people of DMP 3 constituency. He said that Political parties and MLAs usually does not visit the electors which votes them to power but the Congress party has set an example by going Door-Door hearing the grievances of the common people.
(Page News Service)