DDADU branch office inaugurated at 5th mile


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Dimapur, May 26

Dimapur District Autorickshaw Drivers Union (DDADU) opened its branch office at 5th and 6th Mile, Unity Village todayon 26th May 2015. The office was inaugurated by K Hokaito Zhimomi, President, DDADU and it will be maintained Akato Chopi, vice president.

The function was attended by Kiyeto, GB, Unity Village, L P Therie, Head GB, Diphupar ‘B’ and Akato Chopi, Sumi Community, Diphupar ‘B’, Chairman, CD Moses, GB Diphupar ‘B’, Velhuou Pheseo, GB Diphupar, Hokugha Zhimomi, GB Diphuar ‘B’, Anito N Choshe, SMC Chairperson, Diphupar ‘B’, Lunsoyim, President, NYO Diphupar ‘B’, Kiviho Zhimomi, Advisor, DDADU.

The President in his speech requested the Autodrivers to render quality service to the public and especially to the student community and the handicapped.

The President also urged the drivers to hand over any articles of the passengers found in their autorickshaws  to the Union Office or Branch offices.

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