DCCI orders shops to open in Dimapur

DCCI orders shops to open in Dimapur

Dimapur, June 4: While sympathizing with the student body and the student leaders who have been arrested for fighting against corruption, the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) said it is totally taken aback by the student bodies’ call for bandh on business activities when the fight is with the government and not with the business community.
It said while the arrest of students’ leaders was made in Kohima, imposing bandh in Dimapur is totally illogical and therefore the Dimapur business community appealed to those student bodies imposing this bandh to use their wisdom and exercise restraint.
It further made it clear to the student leaders that they would be held responsible if any unwarranted situation arises while opening the shops. The business community also made clear that it would not allow flash bandh without any prior notice and intimation.
DCCI directed all business establishments to open the shops. Any business establishment not following the order will be dealt strictly, it said.
Stating that the business community would carry its activities as usual, the DCCI informed the District Administration and Dimapur Police to make adequate security arrangements.
The Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU), in its emergency meeting held today unanimously resolved that the bandh proposed by 19 colleges of Dimapur on June 5 is without the knowledge of the DNSU and therefore it would not encourage the said indefinite bandh.
The DNSU asked all business establishments/government offices and other public service agencies to remain open.
It said any student, individual or group spearheading the bandh or taking part in the said bandh would be held responsible at their own risk if any untoward incident arises.
Meanwhile, the Union extended its support to the issues taken up by the ANCSU and assured to render full cooperation towards the students’ welfare in near future. (Page News Service)