Sunday, July 14, 2024

DC Tuensang urges public not to panic

Dimapur, May 27: In the wake of one returnee testing COVID-19 positive at Tuensang on Wednesday, the Tuensang District Task Force for COVID-19 held an emergency meeting in the DC’s conference hall, Tuensang on May 27. In the emergency meeting the Deputy Commissioner, Kumar Ramnikant declared the positive case detection amongst the returnees of Chennai but asked all not to panic.
In view of the situation, the general patients of Tuensang District Hospital were shifted to Longpang PHC and Urban Center Tuensang.
Sao Chang Government College quarantine centre was also declared as containment zone and decided that every detail protocol shall be maintained. The security and management matters in the quarantine centers were also discussed.
The forum also discussed to report to Kohima that the buses carrying returnees of Tuensang shall be made to leave Kohima in the morning hour with proper food packages since it is a far flung place. It also discussed to segregate the inmates of the JNV Chare to Longkhim in Zone wise.
(Page News Service)