Saturday, June 19, 2021

DC Tuensang notifies on car passes

Dimapur, April 6: In view of the need to ensure smooth functioning of all health care establishments/centres in addressing COVID-19 under Tuensang District jurisdiction, Deputy Commissioner, Tuensang, Kumar Ramnikant IAS has notified the following directives:
1. All administrative/police personnel on duty to honor the service ID cards/COVID-19 duty ID cards/car passes issued by Department of Health and Family Welfare/Respective office to the medical personnel (including medical doctors, nurses, para-medics, sanitation workers and other personnel) on COVID-19 duty and to ensure their safe passage on production of ID cards/passes.
2. All above mentioned medical personnel, with proper ID cards/passes are to be allowed to cross all check points/temporary security barriers in all Wards/colonies/National/State highways/district roads etc. (Page News Service)