Thursday, March 4, 2021

DC Tuensang issues SOP for returnees

Dimapur, May 19: Deputy Commissioner Tuensang, Kumar Ramnikant IAS has issued the following Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for receiving stranded persons/returnees from outside the State:
The reception point of incoming buses/ vehicles with the stranded persons/ returnees will be at Town Hall, Chare and after reaching the town hall, all returnees will be de-boarded and screened there by Medical team in coordination with security team under the overall supervision of Chare reception committee.
The screening/ registration and other formalities will be completed by Medical team stationed at Chare; self declaration form will be filled up by returnees and drop it in a designated box. After completion of receiving/ screening process, the district war room and management committee of concerned quarantine centre will be informed.
The returnees belonging to Chare/ Longkhim area will be sent to JNV Chare quarantine centre and the remaining returnees will be sent to the Soa Chang College quarantine centre led by security team, where management committee will receive and accommodate them in the centre and will inform the COVID-19 District war room.
The quarantine centre management committee will coordinate with the parents/guardians for arranging beddings/ toiletries at respective quarantine centre in advance; police department will make necessary security arrangement during the entire process of receiving the returnees starting from Chare gate, screening at Town Hall, Chare, escorting them to respective quarantine centers.
The medical department will ensure the deployment of sufficient medical personnel for entire process state above. The DPRO will ensure proper dissemination of information public announcements to avoid any misinformation/ rumours during the entire process.
(Page News Service)