Monday, November 30, 2020

DC Tuensang issues order for sealing of houses

Dimapur, August 25: DC Tuensang & chairman, District Task Force on COVID-19, Kumar Ramnikant IAS has ordered sealing of the following houses with immediate effect for a period of 14 days or till further order:
1. House no. 129 – ward, High School B (Middle Sector)
2. House no. 39 ward, High School B (Middle Sector)
3. House no. 133 ward, High School B (Middle Sector)
4. House no. 134 ward, High School B (Middle Sector)
5. House no. C1 Laiket Lumpou Khel
6. House no. 334 Tuensang village
7. House no.1 NST Sector
8. Kejong Shop building NST Sector
9. K.S Sons workshop building NST Sector.
The DC notified that no entry /exit to /from the above shall be allowed until the expiry of the sealed period till further order. All occupants of the sealed houses have been asked to abide by health safety measures issued by the Government from time to time in relation with COVID-19 pandemic.
Any violation of the above shall invite legal actions as per provisions of the law, the DC warned. (Page News Service)