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DC Tuensang deputes govt employees for election duties

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DIMAPUR, MARCH 25: In exercise of power conferred under Section 26 of the Representation Act, 1951, the Deputy Commissioner & District Election Officer of Tuensang, Kumar Ramnikant, has deputed government employees under Tuensang District to perform election duty as presiding officer, 1st polling officer, 2nd polling officer, 3rd polling officer, 4th polling officer and Grade-IV in connection with conduct of ensuring bye-election to 51-Noksen Assembly Constituency.

The schedule of the training will be as follows:-
1st Round – Presiding Officers – Male Sl. No. 1-25, Female Sl. No. 1-5 at GHSS Room No. 1, Presiding Officers -Male Sl. No. 26 – 50, Female Sl. No 6-10 at GHSS Room No. 2. Date and time: 31/03/2021 10 am.
1st polling Officers- Male Sl. No.1-25, Female Sl. No.1-5 GHSS Room No. 3, 1st polling officers -Male Sl. No. 26 – 50, Female Sl. No. 6 – 10 GHSS Room No. 4. Date and time: 31/03/2021, 10 am.
2nd polling Officers – Male Sl. No.1-25, Female Sl. No.1- 5 GHSS Room No. 1, 2nd polling officers – Male Sl. No. 26 – 50, Female Sl. No. 6 – 10 GHSS Room No. 2.
3rd polling Officers – Male Sl. No.1-25Female Sl. No.1- 5 GHSS Room No.3, 3rd polling officers – Male Sl. No. 26 – 50, Female Sl. No.6 – 10, GHSS Room No. 4 and
4th polling Officers – Male Sl. No. 1-50, Female Sl. No. 1- 10 GHSS Auditorium. Date and time: 01/04/2021 at 10 am.
The training of 4th polling offers will be conducted by CMO office as per the above schedule.
The training of 2nd and final round of training will be held on 9th to 10th April 2021. All the heads of department/officers under Tuensang District have been directed to depute all the listed officials under their respective establishments to attend the training y. Any department official who fails to attend the election training /duties shall be prosecuted under the relevant provision of election laws.
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