Monday, April 15, 2024

DC Phek informs on 2-lane road construction

Nagaland News

Dimapur, November 9: Deputy Commissioner Phek, Sachin Jaiswal, IAS has informed all villages/affected persons/groups that the assessment of properties for payment of damage compensation with respect to the 2-lane road construction project from Kohima to Jessami under Phek District is almost completed and the process of payment of damage compensation for the affected properties is at a very advanced stage.
“Since the rainy season has ended, we have a short working/dry season which has to be utilized optimally for timely completion of the 2-lane road construction project,” the DC said in a notification.
The DC Phek informed all the affected villages/landowners/persons/groups to remove the plantations, timber, forested plantation, etc along the proposed ROW (Right of Way) within two week’s time so that the road construction activities can commence unhindered.
(Page News Service)