Thursday, November 30, 2023

DC Mon launches educational video on social distancing

Dimapur, April 23: The Mon District administration under the initiative of Deputy Commissioner, Thavaseelan K IAS has put up everything at his disposal to fight the spread of the dreaded corona virus in the district which has an Interstate border with Assam and an International border with Myanmar and the fatalities could have been in several hundreds considering the district proximities to Assam had the district administration not geared up fight the scourge of a deadly virus which is eating up humanity in thousands all over the world.
From door to door deliveries of essential food items, medicines and other public utilities to the people of Mon District and the district relief materials distributions to the daily earners, widows and the deprived people have been widely appreciated across every quarters both in the government and from the general public.
Under the initiative of Deputy Commissioner, Mon Thavaseelan K IAS, Mon District has achieved another distinction in releasing an educational video which beautifully depicts the knowhow of maintaining social distancing and the tentacles of laboratory jobs manned by pathologists while dealing with corona virus testing.
The 3.28 minutes video graphically explains minute details of maintaining safety standards by pathologist and laboratory technicians of Mon District Hospital by Dr. Ponwang Konyak initiated by Deputy Commissioner of Mon have earned wide applause in the social medias and till the filing of this report the list of viewers seems to be on an increasing mode.
Talking to Nagaland Page, Thavaseelan K IAS said he constructed the sample booth for achieving two objectives.
He said, “The protection of health workers, doctors, other front line workers and medical personnel is paramount for us so this is supposedly the best practice in terms of which is being followed around the globe- the sample collection booth”.
It actually started in South Korea and lots of countries around the globe and in many parts of the country they have adopted this strategy, Thavaseelan mentioned
Elaborating on the concept of the booth, he said it is like building this full proof booth with a glass barrier between people who go for testing and the health worker.
“When they try to take a sample from your throat that’s when the likelihood of a patient coughing is very high. In case if you don’t have a barrier between a patient and a doctor or a health worker who is taking the sample then it is very likely that the doctor or the health worker might get affected, so that was the primary reason we came up with this idea,” Thavaseelan said.
On PPE, Thavaseelan said it is meant to rationalise the use of Personal Protective gear.
Explaining further he said that the PPE across the country are a precious commodity at this point of time and there is a huge demand everywhere.
“So we don’t want to use the PPE for sample collection because the guidelines on the usage of PPEs mandates that if we use a particular PPE for a particular patient then it cannot be used for another patient”, he said and added that in short it cannot be used for collection of another patient and that is not allowed.
With a humble tone on the grand achievements of Mon District administration, Thavaseelan said. “So we wanted to rationalise the use of PPE as well which is why we went ahead and made this booth and we are very happy we were able to come up with this and Mon District is the only district in the state which has it and probably in the North east as well, I am not very sure about the North East.”
“Other states have it and I am sure in Nagaland Mon District is the only district having this sample booth,” Thavaseelan exuded with confidence and accomplishment of a herculean tasks with his officials. (Page News Service)