Saturday, January 23, 2021

DC Mon issues revised SOP

Dimapur, June 1: In supersession of the previous SOP, DC Mon has issued a revised SOP for transportation of essential commodities/other goods from Assam to Mon:
1. The vehicles transporting essential commodities/other goods coming from Assam should cross Nagaland Gate, Tizit by 8 am and move to the designated parking space for disinfection and mandatorily halt for 4 hours. Post this the vehicles will move out in a convoy for Mon Town at 12 Noon.
2. The vehicles carrying essential commodities/other goods from Assam to various Sub-Divisions of Mon District will unload the goods onto a local vehicle either in Tizit or Mon Town. Thereafter, the local vehicles will transport the same to various Sub-Divisions.
3. The District administration and Police shall identify the designated space for the vehicles carrying essential commodities/other goods for disinfection and halting for 4 hours at Tizit.
4. Not more than one person shall accompany the driver in a vehicle. It will be mandatory for the drivers to wear masks and maintain strict social distancing.
5. Only the vehicles with Movement Permits issued by the Deputy Commissioner, Mon and with proper documents will be allowed to transport essential commodities/other goods.
6. Vehicles carrying essential commodities/other goods will be allowed entry into Mon only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
7. Mon Chamber of Commerce & Industries (MCCI) will monitor the unloading of the essential commodities/other goods in Mon Town and the vehicles along with the drivers should leave the town latest by 8 pm.
8. Police, Dobashis, DTO & PTAM shall monitor the entry of vehicles to Mon Town at the Committee Gate and shall ensure that all the vehicles for Mon Town that entered the town have left the town after unloading the commodities by 8 pm.
9. Vehicles coming from Assam to carry Tea Leaves and Boulders will be allowed on all days of the week except Sunday, SOPs are to be strictly followed.
10. Any violators of the above SOP will face strict penal action. The order shall remain in force till further notice. (Page News Service)