Wednesday, April 14, 2021

DC Kohima notifies sealed areas

Dimapur, August 7: Deputy Commissioner Kohima, Gregory Thejawelie has notified that in view of the detection of COVID-19 positive person/s residing at the following locations – Old Ministers Hill, New Ministers Hill, High School Ward, Midland Ward and Kohima Village – the areas mentioned have been declared as ‘Sealed Area’ in order to contain the spread of the disease/infection and for necessary contact tracing.
All movement of person/vehicles within the sealed areas are strictly restricted/prohibited and put under active surveillance with immediate effect.
1. Official residence of Deputy Chief Minister, Nagaland, Old Minister Hill (Ward No 14)
2. Official residence of Minister, H&FW, Nagaland, Old Minister Hill (Ward No 14)
3. Official residence of MLA & Advisor, F&CS, Nagaland, Old Minister Hill (Ward No 14)
4. Govt. Quarter No.196, New Minister Hill (Ward No 16)
5. Private residence of MLA, Rüleizou
6. Private residence Phriekhriezou Colony, Kohima Village
7. Private residence Sepfuzou Colony (Ward No 1) VEMB -190
8. Private residence, Lower Midlane (Ward No 9) H.NO 186, near Khimanungan Baptist Church.
9. Official residence of MLA & Advisor Tourism, Nagaland. MH.21, Old Minister Hill (Ward No 14)
(Page News Service)