Thursday, June 17, 2021

DC Kohima directs

Dimapur, October 29: In the interest of public service and in view of the forthcoming Hornbill Festival, Deputy Commissioner Kohima has directed that the companies/contractors/sub-contractors/residents responsible for laying of the said cables/water pipes to lay such cables /water pipes in the manner as directed below on or before November 10.
1. Optical fibre cables/wires/cables are to be properly bunched and laid in a tidy way as per the existing norms with proper permission from the concerned authorities.
2. Water pipes are to be removed from the drains, properly bunched and placed in such a location where it does not hinder the drainages in any manner. Cleaning of all the drainages in the city will commence from 11th November 2018.
3. Building materials, pig sties, makeshift urinals and other such eyesore structures are to be immediately removed/dismantled by the concerned owners/ individuals.
Failure to adhere to this directive will lead to the removal of the said cables/wires/building materials/pig sties/makeshift urinals and other such eyesore structures at the cost of the defaulter after November 10, the DC stated. (Page News Service)