Saturday, May 8, 2021

DC Kohima demarcates sealed areas

Dimapur, July 30: Deputy Commissioner Kohima Gregory Thejawelie has notified that in view of the detection of a COVID-19 positive persons residing at the following locations – Old Minister’s Hill, New Minister’s Hill, Lerie Chazou Colony, Upper Agri, Lower Agri, Middle PWD, Phezoucha Colony, Upper Chandmari, Daklane, Kenouzou and Meriema village, the areas defined below are demarcated as sealed area in order to contain the spread of the disease/infection and for necessary contact tracing.
All movement of person/vehicles within the defined Sealed Area is strictly restricted/prohibited and underactive surveillance with immediate effect, said the DC.
Demarcated Area:
1. Old Minister’s Hill (Ward No. 14)
Location 1: East – Administrative Quarter; West – BSNL Office; South – Old Minister’s Hill Road; North – Guwahati High Court Road
Location 2: East – AIR Station, West – BSNL Office; South – AIR Office Road, North – AIR Quarter
2. New Minister’s Hill (Ward No. 16): East – Government Quarter; West – Minister’s Quarter; South – Circular Road towards Botanical Garden; North – Private residence
3. Lerie Chazou Colony (Ward No. 16)
Location 1: East – Private residence; West – Private Road; South – NH-39; North – Drain
Location 2: East – Circular Road; West – Vacant Land, South – Private residence, North – Private Road
4. Lower Agri (Ward No. 18): East – Private residence, West – Nullah, South – Private House, North – Stream
5. Upper Agri (Ward No. 17): East – Forest Colony Road/Rose Indane Agency; West – Private Building, South – Private Building, North – Vacant Land
6. Middle PWD (Ward No. 11): East – Footpath to Durgabari Mandir; West – Footpath to Pinewood School; South – Durgabari Mandir, North – Footpath to Pinewood School
7. Pliezoucha Colony
Location 1 (Nagaland Assembly Secretariat Complex): East – Thizama Road, West – Legislator’s Home, South – DUDA Office, North – Shisha Hoho
Location 2: One Assembly Quarter
8. Upper Chandmari (Ward No. 12): East – New & Renewable Energy Office, West – Approach Road, South – Approach Road, North – Circular Road to Upper Chandmari
9. Daklane (Ward No.7): East – Kediselie Rhetso Residence; West – Zhanuo Residence, South – Approach Road; North – Rokongulie Residence
10. Kenouzou (Ward No. 3): East – Government Quarter, West – KG Himb Rengma Residence, South – Approach Road, North – Inushe Sema Residence
11. Meriema Village: East – Khrielietuo Plot (Rice Field), West – Approach Road, South – Modi Ao Residence, North – Approach Road
12. Middle PWD (Ward No. 11): East – Footpath, West – Private Building, South – Private Building, North – Private Building
Phezoucha Colony: Second Assembly Quarter – 1.
(Page News Service)