Monday, July 15, 2024

DC Kiphire advisory to farmers

Dimapur, April 18: Deputy Commissioner Kiphire, Sarita Yadav IAS had advised farmers to follow certain precautionary and safety measures in order to avoid field level contagious spread of corona virus.
In an advisory, the DC asked all the farmers to compulsory use masks or a scarf that adequately cover the nose and mouth; ensure hand washing with soap and water frequently and wash clothes after use every day.
Farmers were also asked to maintain safe distance of 3-4 feet during rest, taking meals; drink plenty of water during farm operations to avoid dehydration. Stagger the field operation where ever possible and avoid engaging more number of farmers on the same day in a given field, the advisory said.
The DC advised the farmers to engage only healthy farmers or labours to the extent possible and after reasonable enquiry so as to avoid the entry of any likely carrier during field activity. All tools/implements or any other items used by one farmers should be sanitized and should not be exchanged in any other manner, she said. (Page news Service)