Sunday, June 13, 2021
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DBSU concerned by escalating hike in price of commodities in Dimapur


Dimapur, April 8: The Dimapur Bengali Students’ Union (DBSU) has appealed to the district administration and the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) to check the escalating rise in prices of essential commodities in Dimapur.
“Even after repeated appeals and fixation of prices of the essential commodities by the Dimapur Municipal Council, there are many retailers who are not abiding by the prices fixed and are charging the customers prices that are higher than the established prices, thereby the daily necessities of life are becoming costlier with each passing day. Price of basic commodities like wheat, flour, rice, pulse, sugar, vegetables oils etc. are touching new heights,” it stated in a press release.
Stating that the steep rise in prices has severely hit the poor and middle class people during this lockdown period, the DBSU said many of the shopkeepers are selling commodities at higher prices then what is fixed by DMC.
“For instance, according to the DMC chart the price of 50kg Andhra rice should not be more than Rs.1830 but the DBSU found that in some shops 25kg Andhra rice packets are being sold at Rs. 1100. Commodities that don’t have imprinted MRP are mostly charged higher prices,” it said and urged all traders and retailers dealing with basics commodities not to charge prices higher than the prices fixed by DMC.
“If DBSU finds such practices continuing, the union would reach the responsible authorities for further actions,” it said.
The DBSU also requested the administration to listen to the retailers who often complain that they are forced to sell at higher prices as they themselves are compelled to buy at high prices from the wholesalers, as well as take strict action if any individuals, retailers, wholesalers are found unfairly and with ulterior motives, violating the established rates by DMC. (Page News Service)