Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Days before Lok Sabha elections, Facebook removes 687 pages linked to Congress

New Delhi, April 1: Facebook on Monday removed 687 Facebook Pages and accounts, mostly belonging to the Congress party, just days ahead of the Lok Sabha elections 2019.
In a statement, Facebook said that the pages engaged in “coordinated inauthentic behaviour”.
“We removed 687 Facebook Pages and accounts — the majority of which had already been detected and suspended by our automated systems — that engaged in coordinated inauthentic behaviour in India and were linked to individuals associated with an IT Cell of the Indian National Congress (INC),
Besides the pages belonging to the Congress, the social media giant also deleted 15 Facebook Pages, Groups and accounts of individuals associated with Indian IT firm, Silver Touch.
Facebook also removed 321 Facebook Pages and accounts in India for breaking its rules against spam.
“We removed 321 Facebook Pages and accounts in India that have broken our rules against spam. Unlike the first three actions, this last activity does not represent a single or coordinated operation — instead, these are multiple sets of Pages and accounts that behaved similarly and violated our policies,” the company said in its statement.
Facebook said that it took down the Pages and accounts based on their behaviour, not the content they posted.
According to the Menlo Park-based company, the administrators and account owners of the pro-Congress pages “typically posted about local news and political issues, including topics like the upcoming elections, candidate views, the INC and criticism of political opponents including the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)”. (Courtesy: TS)