Saturday, January 16, 2021

DAYO, MTLT reaches out to patients in Mokokchung


Dimapur, June 2: As the Naga society is caught up in the COVID-19 pandemic and the whole nation is in a virtual lockdown, there is a shortage of essential life-saving medicines in Mokokchung district. Understanding this, the Dimapur Ao Youth Organization (DAYO) spearheaded a campaign to reach out to those patients in Mokokchung who cannot avail life-saving medicines on time by ferrying the medicines from Dimapur to Mokokchung.
The DALT had already ferried the essential medicines earlier on May 7, which was appreciated by the citizens of Mokokchung. As per the request of the citizens of Mokokchung district, the Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem (MTLT) and DAYO coordinated and brought the second batch of essential life-saving medicines to the needy people in Mokokchung district. All the medicines were procured as per doctor’s prescription and with due approval from the State Government.
The life-saving drugs were mostly for serious health patients like heart patients, diabetic patients, kidney and other ailments. The DAYO team was led by its representative L Moamanen Imchen and also Esa Telongjem, Chumukedima representative Imtikumba. The DAYO team brought the medicines for the patients in Mokokchung and also Mangkolemba sub-division.
MTLT vice-president, Martoshi Longkumer, while speaking at a short formal programme to receive the DAYO team, appreciated the Dimapur Ao Youth Organization for reaching out to the people of Mokokchung district. He said that the MTLT is very proud of the DAYO for taking the initiative and helping the people in need.
Convener of MTLT Covid-19 coordination committee, Merang Longkumer appreciated the DAYO for their selfless sacrifices and said that the MTLT is always with the fellow Ao brothers and sisters in Dimapur and wherever they might be.
DAYO team leader, L Moamanen Imchen also appreciated the MTLT for the coordination between the two organizations and expressed hope that such coordination will go a long way in serving the greater good of the common people in the district. (Page News Service)