Sunday, June 13, 2021

DAYO condemns

Dimapur, November 8: The Dimapur Ao Youth Organization (DAYO) has condemned the statement of the WC (7 NNPGs) targeting individuals who are representatives of tribal apex bodies under Naga Council.
In a press release issued by its president, Aotemsu Aier and general secretary, S Pangertoshi, the DAYO said, “When we talk about development and employment in the state, no investors or companies would want to investment in a land where there is unabated taxation on top of paying the GST.”
It said as the custodian of law and order, the state government should file a suo moto case against the accused for such outrageous press statement.
The civil bodies and the tribal apex bodies that has facilitated and given consent to the NNPGs for the Naga solution should also come out clear whether they also endorse such provocative statements, the DAYO stated.
The organization called upon every right thinking citizens to condemn such reckless statements and assured full cooperation to PAC and said in case of any eventualities they are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with PAC.
(Page News Service)