Monday, May 20, 2024

DAYO condemns

Nagaland News

Dimapur, October 30: The Dimapur Ao Youth Organization (DAYO) has condemned the alleged forced closure of East India Transport Agency run by two Sumi ladies, Tokali Sumi and Y Khesheli Chophy at Golaghat Road near DDSC, Dimapur by anti social elements on October 19 last.
Stating that it is an alarming situation when citizens of the state, especially in Dimapur are voicing out for making our state a more peaceful state and try to attract investors from outside the state as well as to promote local entrepreneurs who are trying to start business for self sufficiency and economic independence.
In a press release issued by its Media Cell, the DNYO said the presence of such anti social elements has been a menace and the biggest hindrance to build Dimapur into a better city.
The Organization demanded that the State Government take this matter seriously and bring the culprits to book and award exemplary punishment so that such unscrupulous elements are put behind bars forever.
Stating that it is the duty of the Government of the day to protect her citizens and provide a welfare state where we can live in peace and harmony, the DAYO called upon all civil societies not only to condemn such crimes but also try to check, report to Government agencies and control the growth of such evil practices that hampers the growth and well being of our society. (Page News Service)