Thursday, January 21, 2021

DAYO calls for strengthening lockdown measures

Dimapur, June 4: In light of the recent spate of COVID-19 positive cases in Nagaland, particularly in Dimapur, the Dimapur Ao Youth Organization (DAYO) has urged the Government of Nagaland to further review the lockdown measures and strengthen them instead of relaxing the same.
In a press release, DAYO opined that any relaxation will in most likelihood lead to community spreading, which Nagaland in general and Dimapur in particular are not well equipped to handle.
The organization also was of the view that calls for relaxation of markets and other places of congregation is detrimental and suicidal in the long fight against COVID-19. It requested the Government and the public at large to take these genuine concerns into consideration for the safety and well-being of all.
Appeals to landlords
In a separate release, the DAYO requested landlords, land lease holders and Government housing projects in Dimapur to exempt or reduce all rents due to the current fight against COVID-19 pandemic.
It pointed out that in order to contain the virus most people have either closed down their businesses or stopped working, thus making it difficult to pay rent, while also expressing equally concern for those who depend on rents for their livelihood.
Towards this end, the youth organization felt that some understanding should be worked out between the landlords and the tenants, be it Naga or non-Nagas on humanitarian grounds.
Meanwhile DAYO has expressed gratitude to all those landowners who have waived off rents of their tenants. (Page News Service)