Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Daylight Robbery

Amid the Pandemic there is an Endemic of Daylight Robbery. Rates of essential commodities are soaring higher day by day. Taking the advantage of Lockdown, some unscrupulous elements are minting money. Just last week I visited two different grocery stores, selling kabuli chana at Rs 100 and Rs 120 respectively, in the same locality at Nagarjan. I was shocked at the disparity of rates. Since the new market is closed ..shops at different localities are mushrooming and randomly fixing rates. Now, the Common Man’s question is.. WHO IS SUPPOSE TO CHECK THE PREVAILING RATES & SAFE US FROM THIS UNSCRUPULOUS VIRUS?
If the responsibility lies upon the District Administration and DMC, then they may kindly come up with a RATE CHART for all commodities and publish it in local dailies, once a week. And the same needs to be enforced by colony and village authorities along with the youths. To make the order effective stringent actions should be initiated against the defaulters, as to discourage such unscrupulous practices.

Simon Kelio.
Residency Colony Dimapur.

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