Thursday, July 18, 2024

Day-5 of Science Festival in Kohima

Nagaland News

Kohima, February 26: The day 5 of Science festival at NASTEC, Department of Science and Technology, Kohima witnessed various competitions such as poster, slide, video, painting, poem, poetry recitation and model presentation.
A total of 13 schools participated and showcased their talents through various exhibits and presentation.
Science and Maths Model Presentation was demonstrated by seven schools on the topic “Science and Technology in Nagaland” namely “Trigonometry Scale Model” by Model Hr. Sec. School, “Waste is wealth” by Christ King Hr. Sec. School, “DNA Model” by Mt. Sinai Hr. Sec. School, “Smart Cultivation” by Fernwood Hr. Sec School, “Gravity Generator” by Minister’s Hill Hr. Sec. School, “Hydraulic Crane” by Bethel Hr. Sec. School and “Drip irrigation” by Little flower Hr. Sec. School.
The participants demonstrated how various technologies can help in developing agriculture sector such as drip irrigation, smart cultivation by using clean energy for sustainable development.
Other various models demonstrated the use of science in our daily activities and how it can also help in management of waste in our environment.
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