Friday, May 7, 2021

Day-4 results of CSA Meet

Volleyball (Men)
1st: Group-B (1)
2nd: Group-C (2)
Badminton (Women Singles)
1st: Kevino Chüsi, Group-A
2nd: Kekhrienuo Rüprieo, Group-B
Badminton (Women Doubles)
1st: Azhanuo Rutsa & Kevino Chüsi, Group A
2nd: Kekhriesenuo Rio & Neiphrezonuo Rüpreo, Group-B
Badminton (Men Singles)
1st: Khriesakeduo Rüpreo, Group-B
2nd: Neilhouzhalie Kense, Group-B
Badminton (Men Doubles)
1st: Khriesakeduo Rüpreo & Neilhouzhalie Kense, Group-B
2nd: Kedokhotso Kweho & Visüto Kweho, Group-D
Table Tennis (Men Singles)
1st: Kevichükho Kire, Group-A
2nd: Yavikolie Vüprü, Group-D
Table Tennis (Men Doubles)
1st: Kevichükho Kire & Nunelhulie Sakhrie, Group-A
2nd: Yavikolie Vüprü & Asito Krose, Group-D
The final day will begin with marathon for both men and women at 6 am from local ground, Chümoukedima town. The final match of football will be played at 10 am while the valedictory ceremony will be at 12 noon.