Monday, May 17, 2021

Day-3 results of 50th CSA Meet

Javelin (Women)
1st: Ketoulhouno, Group-C
2nd: Thenouviü, Group-D
3rd: Mhaphruovino, Group-C
Javelin (Men)
1st: Medo Linyü, Group-A
2nd: Metsivi Savino, Group-A
3rd: Kethosivi, Group-C
Long Jump (Women)
1st: Megolhukhono, Group-C
2nd: Kelelhuno, Group-C
3rd: Keviseno Kiso, Group-B
3rd: Peteneino, Group-A
Long Jump (Men)
1st: Kevisaphrü, Group-C
2nd: Rukuvisal, Group-A
3rd: Nourhe Liegise, Group-A
Triple Jump (Men)
1st: Kethosivi, Group-C
2nd: Rüüvizo, Group-B
3rd: Neilasatuo, Group-C
Discuss throw (Women)
1st: Mhaphruovino, Group-C
2nd: Thenouviü, Group-D
3rd: Ketoulhouno, Group-C
Discuss throw (Men)
1st: Medo Linyü, Group-A
2nd: Mesakolie, Group-C
3rd: Rokovikho, Group-B
High Jump (Women)
1st: Megolhoukhono Theyo, Group-C
2nd: Neichüvoü Shüya, Group-D
3rd: Peteneinuo Dzüvichü, Group-A
3rd: Christy Kehie, Group-C
High Jump (Men)
1st: Kenosa, Group-D
2nd: Kikruwhelie Nguzhü, Group-C
3rd: Kevimedo, Group-D
Shotput (Women)
1st: Mhaphruovino, Group-C
2nd: Ketoulhouno, Group-C
3rd: Savono, Group-D
Shotput (Men)
1st: Medo Linyü, Group-A
2nd: Vikhozolie, Group-A
3rd: Rukukhol, Group-B
100 metre race (Women)
1st: Megolhoukhono, Group-C
2nd: Keviseno Kiso, Group-B
3rd: Keneizevono, Group-D
100 metre race (Men)
1st Kuoliezo Kense, Group-B
2nd: Rukuvisal Rhetso, Group-A
3rd: Arito Khate, Group-A
200 metre race (Women)
1st: Khrohilhouno Sophi, Group-C
2nd: Menguno Ratsa, Group-C
3rd: Kikruleno Rino, Group-C
200 metre race (Men)
1st: Arito Khate, Group-A
2nd: Seyievizo, Group-B
3rd: Kevisaphrü, Group-C
400 metre race (Women)
1st: Zekuvono, Group-C
2nd: Kelelhouno, Group-C
3rd: Thenusano, Group-C
400 metre race (men)
1st: Diethokholie, Group-C
2nd: Rokozoto Meru, Group-A
3rd: Kelevilhou Sakhrie, Group-A
800 metre race (Women)
1st: Keneivino, Group-C
2nd: Zekuvono, Group-C
3rd: Christy, Group-C
800 metre race (men)
1st: Kevizhapu, Group-D
2nd: Hobol Kiso, Group-B
3rd: Mhiesibeito, Group-C
Relay race (Women)
1st: Group-B
2nd: Group-A
3rd: Group-C
Relay race (Men)
1st: Group-A
2nd: Group-C
3rd: Group-D
On the fourth day, football semi-final for men will begin at 9 am and volleyball final at 2 pm while badminton will continue from 9 am.