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DAPCC meeting held at Dimapur

Nagaland News

Dimapur, March 25: One-day inter-departmental meeting-cum-District AIDS Prevention & Control Committee (DAPCC), HIV-TB and District Task Force on National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) was held on March 22 at DC conference hall, Dimapur.
HIV/AIDS scenario of Nagaland & Dimapur and activities conducted by DAPCU was presented by Mecievinuo, DPO DAPCU.
Dr. Benchilo Ngullie, District Tuberculosis Officer, NTEP, gave a short presentation on National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme.
Lucy, President of DNP+, highlighted the various social protection schemes received by People Living with HIV in Dimapur District while Dr. Kavito, District Vector Borne Office, NVBDCP, gave a brief report and update on National Malaria Elimination programme 2016-2030.
The members also felicitated the committee members for the successful completion of New India@75 awareness campaign on HIV, TB and Blood donation.
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