Damocles sword over 7 NPF lawmakers

Damocles sword over 7 NPF lawmakers

Kohima, April 9: The fate of seven dissident Naga People’s Front (NPF) lawmakers hang in balance as the party warned them of disqualification from the assembly.
But Cock’s spokesman, Achumbemo Kikon said the fate of the seven MLAs will be decided by the outcome of the Lok Sabha election, adding the dissidents cannot go against the party whip and could even attract disqualification and losing of membership of the party.
Recently the seven NPF lawmakers had taken decision to support Tokheho Yepthomi, a candidate of Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) and supported by the BJP, JD(U) and one Independent. The MLAs have been served with show cause notice and that NPF Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC) is contemplating taking action against them. They are expected to be suspended from the party.
But there was also speculation that the seven MLAs could even resign from the assembly and go for re-election if BJP comes to power at the Centre.
NPF spin-doctor Kikon warned that the fate of the seven MLAs would be determined by the outcome of the Lok Sabha poll. He added that those MLAs will be voluntarily giving up their membership from the party and the assembly. But he said there is still time for them to proof their loyalty to the cock party. “The seven MLAs are bound by the party whip,” he said.
The seven NPF legislators are Kejong Chang, E.E. Pangteang, Eshak Konyak, C.L. John, B.S. Nganlang, N. Thongwang Konyak and Toyang Chang.
He also alleged the NDPP of trying to poach their MLAs from backdoor – the glaring example, he alleged, was when its candidate for Aolendang Assembly by-election, Toshipokba was forced to withdraw from the poll. He said after coming to know of the NDPP’s attempt to poach cock’s MLAs the 19 MLAs had written to the party leadership to discuss the possibility of forging an alliance with the NDPP in the Lok Sabha. But before the party could sit across the table to discuss the matter, the NDPP had issued a statement ridiculing the NPF’s proposal.
Kikon appreciated the proposal moved by the 19 MLAs and denied any wrong move which could have destabilized or weaken the party.
“They have done nothing wrong. They had done a correct way to deal with the issue,” he maintained. He further asserted that there was no overlapping but it was a collective decision of legislature and the party.
The NPF spokesman lashed out the NDPP leadership of indulging in “desperate and undemocratic means” by trying to poach the NPF lawmakers, all of which were done from the same location in the presence of same persons. He said the undemocratic and horse-trading by the NDPP is the reason why developmental funds are disappearing and state’s deficit is mounting. He said the activities of NDPP shows how the party is sacred of NPF which stand for interest of the Naga people. (Page News Service)