Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Daisy Shah is a licensed shooter, plans to participate in national-level events

daisy shah

Actor Daisy Shah reportedly began learning rifle shooting two years ago and got her license from the National Rifle Association of India in May this year. She was seen firing from rifles in Salman Khan-starrer Race 3 and has claimed she looked quite convincing.
A Mumbai Mirror report quoted her as saying, “It started off for fun with me accompanying some friends who were into shooting for practise. Prodded by them, when I gave it a try, they pronounced that I was a natural at it and should pursue it further. I did, got into the Nationals in May but didn’t win against contestants who had scored as high as 580 and 597 out of 600. Mine was 497 which wasn’t too bad and now I have my licence too.”
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“Now I have started training for the Point22 rifle shooting competition in August under my coach Moraad Ali Khan, who is an Arjuna awardee. I practice at the Maharashtra Rifle Association for at least two hours every day. This sport requires complete dedication and is very therapeutic. You have to have a blank mind when you shoot, which is a kind of meditation too,” she further told the tabloid.
Talking about Race 3, Daisy added that she looked convincing firing a gun in Race 3 because the sport had taught her how to unload a bullet, which you see in the film. “I’ll never lose touch with the sport, but at the same time I will always be an actress first.”