Monday, June 21, 2021
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DABA & Gurudwara: United in serving humanity

Nagaland News

Meshinshe Jamir
DIMAPUR, MAY 22: It is perhaps not the best of times to maintain that only the worst of tragedies evoke the collective humanity that resides deep within us.
The Gurudwara in Dimapur was started in 1950 and has since stayed true to its tradition of feeding the homeless and the needy for free.

Even at normal times, before the pandemic breached our walls and gates, it used to feed roughly around 100 people in a day.
Needless to say, with the pandemic now, the Gurudwara’s service has assumed even greater significance and succor ~ sharing with people what it has and sacrificing for the service of humankind.
On Saturday, a video clipping of an Ao Baptist Pastor praying at the Gurudwara after making a donation on behalf of Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo went viral.
The financial contribution was meant to aid the Gurudwara towards feeding those without the means every day.
“It is the first time a Church community has approached us with this gesture. We were really impressed and happy to realize that humanity wins in life irrespective of any religion and colour”, the President of Punjabi Community Dimapur, Harjinder PS Ahluwalia, told Nagaland Page.
He said that they were touched by this act of the Church, “to hold hands and stay united during this crucial hour”, irrespective of religion.
“There is no supremacy in religion and everyone has their own beliefs when it comes to serving humanity”, said Ahluwalia.
He said that it feels great when people appreciate their work and efforts to help, and it feels even better when they realize that they share one goal ~ to serve the people without any prejudice.
The DABA representative, who preferred not to be named, said that the Church wanted to express its sincere appreciation towards Dimapur’s Gurudwara for its selfless contributions during this battle against COVID.
According to him, DABA’s understanding is that there is no religion when it comes to serving humanity and the contribution made by Gurudwara Dimapur is a blessing that uplifts everyone’s heart and spirits.

The Church’s contribution for the members of the Gurudwara was to show its support and goodwill, he said.
Asked whether DABA has plans to provide its facilities for healthcare workers and COVID patients, he said that the State Government is already doing a good job in providing the necessities for the people as of now.
“But if the situation compels, then DABA is ready to help with whatever we can”, he asserted.