Friday, July 30, 2021

CYO frustrated at NHIDCL

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Dimapur, July 20: The Chakhroma Youth Organization (CYO) today said that it is frustrated at the NHIDCL, which is constructing the four lane National Highway 29 from Dimapur to Kohima.

It said despite multiple appeals and complaints to the concerned authorities for inadequate safety measure, inordinate slow progress of work and poor workmanship, the CYO is shocked at the lackadaisical attitude shown to the citizens of Nagaland.
In a press release issued by CYO president, Seyieneilhou Keyho and general secretary, Noseho Peter, the Organization said that the NHIDCL have absolute knowledge of the soil condition but chose to frivolously remain indifferent to the fact and most of the widening of the road being made on earth filling with its bases rooted from the riverbank, in particular, the stretch between Chathe Bridge to New Chümoukedima which runs along Chathe river.
The CYO appealed to the concerned authorities and the Government to seriously resolve the matter, and called for appropriate action for failing to fufill the requirement of the construction of the National Highway.

The organization said it would be compelled to seek its own course of democratic justice for posterity if the repeated pleas of the people remain unheard and unheeded and the NHIDCL along with ECI would be held responsible for any unprecedented eventualities.
(Page News Service)