CYF urge CM to review decision to send all returnees to districts; Demands BSL-3 lab in Phek District

CYF urge CM to review decision to send all returnees to districts; Demands BSL-3 lab in Phek District

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Dimapur, May 28: The Chakhesang Youth Front (CYF) has demanded immediate setting up of BSL-3 laboratory and supplement COVID-19 health care facilities and expert health care workers for Phek District.
In an appeal to the Chief Minister of Nagaland, CYF president Lhuvesayi Lohe and general secretary Nyitso Therie the youth front is shocked by the decision of the State government to send back all returnees, including COVID-19 positive cases, to their respective districts and demanded review of the decision.
“We are made to wonder at the insincerity and insecurity over the flip-flop nature of the man-day government during this Pandemic period. For once we seem to have found appreciation over the remark of our state Chief Secretary for coming out in public defense by saying ‘Government does not require the stamp of approval of each and every organization,’ while responding the appeal made by few CSOs to send the returnees to their respective districts for quarantine instead of holding them at Kohima and Dimapur.
“However, this was immediately over turned by your leadership and instead of listening to the pulse of the majority voice for the plight of the people’s welfare you have been driven by the wishes of the few vested CSOs and had instead directed the returnees to be sent back including the Positive cases to their respective Districts. This has stunned us all for having such inconsideration of not realizing the pathetic condition of the health care facilities and shortages of health care workers at the grass root level in the districts,” it said in the representation.
Reminding the CM how initially he had confidently assured all by saying Nagaland Government is ‘well prepared’, the CYF said the assurance was short-lived and instead took a dramatic honest admission of the Government to come out to say we are ‘unprepared’ with the onset of facing the real pandemic situation in the State now.
“Well, somehow we accept your honest admission of your government’s unpreparedness to this novel pandemic situation, and for this, our Phek District authorities in collaboration with the various organizations, Churches and villages came forward to contribute and sacrifice in taking care of those entire intra-district stranded students and persons especially coming from the State capital Kohima and commercial hub Dimapur. But now, without even having time to notice our sincere sacrifices, or taking into consideration of the actual District stakeholders, you have gone on to send back all those inter-state returnees to the interior districts without even bothering to take stock of our health care facilities, etc at the base,” it rued.
Stating that it is aware of what is happening elsewhere in Tuensang, “of the careless negligence in spreading the virus due to inconsiderate decisions”, the CYF reminded the CM that Phek District is also a much neglected district which is not in a position at all to tackle the enormous responsibility in fighting Corona virus. “There are hardly any protective health kits available to fight it. There is only a single ventilator and its use would be unimaginable in case of any epidemic; if it actually occurs. There is no testing facility of our own District for any emergencies. Therefore, we appeal you to kindly review your decision of sending back the returnees to the respective Districts at this juncture,” it appealed.
The CYF also appealed to the CM to immediately meet some few basic needs of Phek district like Bio Safety Laboratory-3; additional ventilators; sufficient health workers and technicians; provision for sufficient Covid-19 bed facilities; necessary funds and infrastructural amenities; and sufficient good quality PPEs, etc.
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