Thursday, April 15, 2021
North East

Cyclone hits Jaintia Hills; Church, houses damaged

Guwahati, April 14: A rooftop of Catholic church in Ummulong village was blown away by a cyclone on Sunday afternoon. Official sources informed that several villages in West Jaintia Hills was hit by a cyclone.
The villages which was hit by the cyclone include Madur, Mihmyntdu, Ummulong, Sabah and several others.
According to reports, many trees have fallen even as rooftops of the houses in several villages were blown away and there were reports of trees being uprooted.
Official sources informed that there is power cut in some of the villages since several electric poles were also uprooted by the cyclone.
The road which connects Khliehtyrshi village was blocked by a fallen tree in the middle of the road.
Furthermore, there is also reports of hailstones in Barato along with heavy rain on Saturday. The hailstone damaged the rooftops of several houses in the area.
According to reports, the officials of the district administration of West Jaintia Hills has gone to these affected villages to assess the damages in view of the cyclone.
Meanwhile, in an unfortunate incident, a house belonging to one Shaniahshkem Sariang and Loni Pala at Lakadong village in West Jaintia Hills was totally gutted in a fire incident on Sunday afternoon. (Courtesy: TNT)