Wednesday, April 14, 2021

CWWN organizes Connect’18 at Kohima

Kohima, December 5: With an aim to infuse renewed passion for life and reinvigorate the spirit of dedication to one’s work, the Connect’18 event, organised by the CWWN (Commissioned to the World of Work Network) was held at Symphony Café with Dr Kethoser Kevichusa as the guest speaker. He delivered a talk on “Making sense of faith, life and work”.
Attended by members of the Nagaland Secretariat Service, including others, the evening also witnessed carols and words of encouragement from the speaker to the younger officers of the secretariat.
Dr Kevichusa in his talk stated that we would not know the purpose or meaning of our existence, our life or our work unless we know what story we are a part of. To that end, he proposed a fourfold coordinates on which we build and base our life, faith and work – Creation, the fall, the story of Israel and finally, the story of Jesus in the New Testament.
Taking a cue from the story of creation, Kethoser shared how from the very beginning work culture was infused in God’s creation to do good works but over time took a less fortunate turn because of the fall. The people who made an impact in Biblical times were no less different from the people of today so much so that they were all engaged in secular profession just as most of us are today. However, what is admiringly noticeable in the Biblical times is that even though engaged in secular profession, the people harped against injustice, corruption and unethical practices. There was cohesion of faith and work, he said.
He quipped that Christian spirituality is not one that moves away from the world but comes to the world “the word became flesh and dwelt among us”.
Officers of the Nagaland Civil Secretariat were encouraged to treat their work as spiritual work, serving the people and in turn carrying out God’s will and fulfilling His purpose.
In conclusion, the speaker challenged the officers to approach work as a calling from God, as a commitment to God, with a conscience before God and in communion with God. The young officers were encouraged to be the conscious keepers of the Government and to do so by being first and foremost honest.
The evening was an event where people connected and were spiritually and morally empowered. The first issue of the Connect Newsletter was also officially issued, titled “Resonance” which was released by Pastor Kedo Peseyie of City Church. (Page News Service)