Tuesday, May 11, 2021

CVYS observes 38th Annual Youth Day

Dimapur, July 11: Chümoukedima Village Youth Society observed its 38th Youth Day on July 10, at Youth Hall, Chümokedima Village. Rev. Lhouzoviu Shüya graced the programme as the “Thehiekrü-u” – Head of the Feast.
In his speech, Rev. Shüya encouraged the Youths to utilize their prime diligently and serve the community by being well-prepared for all eventuality. He also urged the youth to inculcate humility but also be competitive in spirit. One needs to be relevant with the present times but also need to be rooted in the ethos of Family and age-old traditions, he concluded.
The programme was followed by Traditional Feasting and various indigenous competitions.
Earlier, the programme was chaired by Kevisiezo Kire, Pukrosül Kin evoked God’s blessing, welcome note was delivered by Medochüzo Medoze while Medophrezo and Meyiesinuo enthralled the gathering with special numbers, and Vizovotuo Medoze delivered the note of gratitude. (Page News Service)