Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Curb illegal influx in Dimapur area: NTC


Wants ‘strong system’ to enforce BEFR

Dimapur, April 15: The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has asserted the need for a strong mechanism to enforce and curb illegal influx in Dimapur area.
In a statement, the NTC stated that Dimapur remains a depot from where the illegal immigrants are supplied to the rest of the districts and hence Dimapur cannot be exempted from the existing BEFR Act, 1873.
Reiterating its stand for effective mechanism and strong system to enforce BEFR and Foreigner’s Acts in the State, the NTC insisted the need to take up immediate steps for ‘Administrative Enumeration of Indigenous Population in Nagaland’ within the ambit of Nagaland Indigenous Inhabitants Notification No. AR-8/8/76 dated 28th April, 1977.
“The Indigenous population enumeration is required to maintain real-time data to issue one time indigenous certificate which can also create a basis for all succeeding indigenous registration of descendants. This will enable proper identification of aboriginal communities and individual domiciles in the state,” it reasoned.
The statement also wanted Standard Operation Procedures for identification and strict enforcement of BEFR Act, 1873 and other related Acts for effective operation.
NTC also asserted the need for ILP with electronic devices to monitor and track movement of permit holders with strict regulations to prevent its misuse and exploitation. It also wanted setting up of necessary check points with proper infrastructure in all the entry points with tourist and transit friendly mechanism to regulate their movement without causing undue inconveniences.
In order to maintain consistency, the NTC said a permanent cell under Home Department is required to supervise and monitor the whole system and provide necessary trainings to equipped personnel of enforcement agencies. The dedicated cell should maintain link with all land registration authorities, license authorities and departments issuing permits/cards for various trade and commerce to bring all such documents, licenses and permits/cards within the ambit of BEFR Act,1873, such as Nagaland Land and Revenue Act, 1978, Nagaland Indigenous Inhabitants Notification No. AR-8/8/76 dated 28th April, 1977 and other existing protective provisions in the state, it said.
Appreciating the State Government for taking the right decision in setting up a committee on BEFR(ILP) with a view to bring the total areas of the state of Nagaland under BEFR, the NTC observed that the committee headed by Abhishek Singh had tirelessly worked and had presented a comprehensive report and recommendations to the State Government in the early part of 2019. It also appreciated the JCPI for maintaining sincere and pragmatic approach by providing all necessary and logistic support to the committee and monitoring the issues representing the indigenous population of the State.
Now the very onus lies with the Government to take necessary decisions and implement the most crucial issue confronting the indigenous people of the state, it said.
What is required now is a political will to protect our identity, rights, culture and privileges, the statement said while urging the State Government to boldly implement the recommendations submitted by the committee without further delay. (Page News Service)