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Cultural extravaganza on Day-4 of Hornbill Festival

chang cultural

Dimapur, December 4: The 4th day of cultural extravaganza from various tribes of Nagaland presented by Department of Art & Culture with the theme “cultural connect” was held at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama on December 4.
The Chief Guest for the morning cultural show was MD JK Tyres, Anshuman Singhania and Advisor, Youth Resource & Sports S. Keoshu Yimchunger as the Host. The honoured guests were Executive Director (Retail) Santosh Kumar, ED (Engineering Projects), Head Retail (East) Debahis Niak, Chief Regional Manager (LPG) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Dinesh Prasad Vidyarthi, Sanjeeb Paul ED (Operation Logistics) and Executive Director (Operation & Logestics) Dinabandhu Mandal
Traditional blessing was invoked by Waitsungba Walling an elder belonging from the Ao Naga tribe.
The cultural fiesta featured traditional dances and songs by Chang cultural troupe ‘chishok lamshok’ (peace treaty dance, Ao cultural troupe ‘An tepong mechitep’ (cock fight), Khiamniungan cultural troupe ‘hoi-yie Tsui’ (folk song), Sangtam cultural troupe ‘milah-lahba’ (traditional fire making), Sumi cultural troupe ‘aphilo kuwo’ (warrior dance), Rengma cultural tropue ‘pelegho (forefathers praises song), Zeliang cultural troupe ‘nat lei (folk song with dance) and Yimkhuing cultural troupe ‘photangnzu thuneo (festival dance).
Minister, Power & Parliamentary Affairs, K.G Kenye, host for the evening cultural event thanked the guests for visiting Nagaland and being part of the festival and experiencing the Naga way of life. Kenye further added that we have nothing much to offer but can only share our simple way of life through our festival showcasing our rich heritage, traditions and culture for the world to see.
The evening cultural extravaganza enthralled the spectators with love songs, dances and games.
The cultural troupes participated at the event; Phom cultural troupe Mailok Asho (Traditional Love Song), Garo cultural troupe (Quarrel Dance), Lotha cultural troupe ‘Hayi Hala (Games)’ Konyak cultural troupe Vanoa (Dance), Kheaphot Shon (mob dance) Kuki Cultural troupe Savailhun (Demonstration), Kachari cultural troupe ‘Bagurumba’ (Folk Dance), Tikhir cultural troupe ‘Kuhlangnye Khin’ (Men’s Folk Song) Pochury cultural troupe Heh. (Victory Dance), Angami cultural troupe ‘Kuokelie Rülou’ (Folk dance) The honoured guest for the evening cultural event was Chief General Manager (LPG), Indian Oil Corporation LTD., Dinesh Prasad Vidyarthi accompanied by his lady wife.
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