Cultural exchange programme held at Mokokchung


Dimapur, May 11: Responding to the call of the Governor of Nagaland, PB Acharya, Indian National Fellowship Centre (INFC) has taken up the task arranging Cultural Exchange Programs between students of North East States and other parts of India.
Similarly, a Cultural Exchange Program was recently organized in Mokokchung from April 30 to May 7 where a team of students and research scholars from Department of Civics and Politics, University of Mumbai visited and stayed in Chungtia village for 7 days. They also participated at the recently held Moatsu festival in Chungtia on May 3.
The entire village led by the Village Council and the Chungtia Students’ Union (CSU) played hosts and engaged the visitors in various activities such as visiting neighbouring villages, exchanging knowledge and ideas about history and politics, understanding Ao culture and lifestyle and also interacting with school children from class 5 to 8. The visiting team stayed in local homes with families and experience different food eating habits which were well-managed. The students who came as guests left as family members at the end of the programme.
The visitors also experienced the traditional practice of community fishing, arranged by the Chungtia Village Council, at river nearby where all the participants tried their hand at fishing. It was a first time experienced not only for the visiting young people but for many of the local youth as well.
The parting informal interactive session between students from Mumbai and the members of Chungtia Students’ Union was an emotional one with many sharing their experiences of the seven days. One of the hosts, Senti while narrating her experience, shared a very touching quote told to her by her grandfather, “There is enough love in this world, the problem is we don’t appreciate each other enough.” This seemed to resonate with all the young people in the room who inspite of coming from such diverse and different backgrounds had connected, bonded and spent 7 days taking care of each other.
A reciprocal exchange program will be facilitated by INFC in which a team identified by CSU will be travelling to Mumbai and will be hosted by Department of Civics and Politics, University of Mumbai. The visiting team along with INFC also pledged to upgrade the CSU library by adding books of economics, finance, international relations and an entire children’s section.
The primary aim of such programs is to create avenues for students to collaborate in various fields. The exchange program will involve visit to the host college and engage in activities and workshops with the students and locals. An important component of the week long program will be cultural exchange and display for cultural heritage. Keeping in mind the current push for the entrepreneurship and employability visit to small scale and cottage industries are also included. Visiting local homes and understanding the lifestyle is an important component of the program. This helps the young people to get exposed and sensitised towards the cultural diversity of India.
Indian National Fellowship Centre (INFC) is a trust registered in Mumbai and founded in 1979. It has been working in the NE region for many years and carried out various outreach and integration programs.
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