Thursday, November 26, 2020

Cultural Connect marks Day-2 of Hornbill Festival

Dimapur, December 2: The cultural show manifested by young and old, clad in traditional attires of different tribes, showcasing the ethnicity of Nagas marked the 2nd day of the Hornbill festival at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama on Monday.
The cultural extravaganza is organized by the Department of Art & Culture as an annual event during the Hornbill festival with the theme ‘Cultural Connect’.
Advisor, Sericulture, Excise and Minority Affairs, Zhaleo Rio and Principal, Woodstock International School, Mussoorie, Dr Craig Allen Cook graced the programme as the cultural guest and special guest respectively. Advisor Tourism, Art & Culture, H. Khehovi Yepthomi was the host of the show.
Altogether, nine cultural troupes participated on the second day with Khonoma village cultural troupe from Angami tribe performing ‘Kuokelie Riilou’ a victory dance. Ao cultural troupe performed ‘Asem Atemba’, a performance involving beating of the log drum. The Chakhesang performed ‘Phetha Zhe’ (bare-foot hop game). The Chang performed a song and dance called ‘Sualua Chea’
Garo cultural troupe got the spectators involved in playing the traditional game called ‘Ading Sala’. The Khiamniungan performed ‘Poi Poi Mat’ a traditional practice of blowing the bamboo flute.
The women of Konyak troupe performed a folk dance while the Lotsu cultural club from the Lotha tribe performed a folk song called ‘Iya-Hoi, Holo-Iya.’ The Phom cultural troupe from Longleng demonstrated the art of making traditional earthen pots. Pochury cultural troupe from Khumaisii village performed a folk dance ‘Hitse Hitse’ performed during Nazhu festival. Kachari cultural troupe performed a folk dance called Mwsaglangnai.
Rengma cultural troupe demonstrated the traditional fire making practice called ‘Ma Kele’. ‘Hoeing’ song, a song sung by the farmers while working in the field was performed by the Sangtam cultural troupe from Sanphure village. The Sumi cultural troupe performed ‘Apukhu Kishi’ (leg fight) which is usually played between two men. The Yimchungrii cultural troupe from Phuvkiu village, Kiphire demonstrated log drum, which is carved out of a giant tree trunk.
The Kuki cultural troupe performed a folk dance called ‘Jangchalam.’ Zeliang cultural troupe gave demonstrations on traditional fire making, blacksmith known as ‘Nlei Nlap’, ‘Hemungki dellow.’
In the evening session of “cultural connect “, President, Indian Society of Gastroenterology, Dr Ajay Kumar, graced the programme as special guest, while host were Advisor, Food Civil Supplies, Metrology & Consumer Protection and Taxes, Pukhai and Minister, Health and family welfare, S Pangnyu Phom.
Altogether eight cultural troops participated in the evening cultural connect, namely Pochury cultural troupe from Khumaisii village; Kachari cultural troupe; Rengma cultural troupe; Sangtam cultural troupe from Sanphure village; Sumi cultural troupe; Yimchungrii cultural troupe from Phuvkiu village, Kiphire; Kuki cultural troupe and Zeliang cultural troupe.
Hornbill Escapade
The Hornbill Escapade which is organized for 5 days at varied locations around the State capital started off the road from Monday and will continue to take place on December 4, 6, 8 and 10. It will be covering adventure destinations like Chesezu, Pfutsero, Khezhakeno, Pulie Badze, Khonoma, Dzuleke, Heunambe and Dzukou.
The Hornbill Escapade is an experiential idea, formed to cater to the ever increasing variety of tourists in our small State during the Hornbill Festival. It aims to satiate the adventurous craving of guests who come for more than the cultural extravaganza at Kisama.
Interested guests are taken to picturesque locations and terrace fields of a selected village around the State capital via agri link roads (Kohima and Phek District), and given an added chance for tourists to experience the actual rural life of the indigenous Nagas on a one day cycle. All the trips are on a gypsy with an off-road experience, driven by well experienced, responsible drivers, with an exceptional outgoing personality. The trips will enable guests to experience the beauty of solitude in the arms of nature, as well as give them a better understanding of indigenous life by way of interaction with the locals.
To commemorate the ongoing 75 years anniversary of the Battle of Kohima, it aims to include some strategic locations of the World War ll. One can registered under the given link and contact number – 9774441136, 8779904651, 8919900260;;
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