Sunday, April 11, 2021

Cultural Connect continues at Kisama

Dimapur, December 5: The morning session of day five ‘Cultural Connect’ presented by the Art & Culture department was graced by Principal Director Investigation, North-East Region, Sanjay Bahadur, Principal Commission Income Tax, Kolkata Mithilesh Jha, Ambassador of India to Slovenia Paramjit Mann and Brigadier Ajay Pasbola.
The cultural show at Kisama began with Tsungremong dance by the Asetkong Ao cultural troupe. This dance happens during the Tsungremong festival. The essence of Tsungremong is sanctification of self and society for obtaining blessings from the almighty for the rich harvest. This was followed by a folk song, Lüboulü by the Chakesang cultural troupe. This song is performed with traditional musical instruments during different occasions and festivals.
The Chang cultural troupe from Noksen village cultural society displayed Kaishi Lakshibü, a traditional way of fishing. Fishing is carried out through an indigenous method by the men folk. As the men folk work, they sing in unison and are joined by women who also get busy collecting dishes.
The Garo cultural troupe performed Rugala, a ritual performed by the ancient A’chiks to the sun God ‘Misi Saljong’ for the blessings bestowed by him to the people.
The Nokhu Noking cultural troupe of the Khiamniungan tribe demonstrated Phen Lou, construction of New Log Drum. Log drum plays a very important role in the community. It is used to sound the alarm when there is any danger, to alert the people in case of calamities and for other information purposes. Different types of beat and rhythm indicate different meanings and alarms.
The Konyak cultural troupe from Zangkham village demonstrated Dee Ahaap Bu, the art of carrying shields and manoeuvring it for maximum defence during an attack.
The Lotha cultural troupe from Longsa village demonstrated Otsok Essi, crushing of the paddy. During this activity there are separate songs that are sung between the Male and female groups. It is a time to exhibit their vocal talents and a time e for youngsters to learn new songs from the elders.
The Phom cultural troupe from Tamlu town performed Yungho, a folk song which is a tribute to Yungho, praise to the crystal clear water flowing out of the bamboo pipes that is fixed to the perennial spring water. Yungho is a place where farmers satisfy their thirst after a tiresome hardwork and an uphill climb from their fields. This song is sung by men only.
The Phangjang village cultural troupe of the Kuki tribe demonstrated Savai Lhun. Savai lhun means the grand reception of bountiful hunt. The act showcases the hunting skills of a warrior.
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