Friday, September 29, 2023

CTYO condemns Dy CM’s statement

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, MAY 19: The Chümoukedima Town Youth Organization (CTYO) today said that the public statement made by Deputy Chief Minister, Y Patton on the occasion of CNTC programme is laced with “malicious intend to provoke and create division amongst the Naga family”.
Condemning the statement of Deputy CM, the CTYO said the “open insinuation of nepotism and hatred”, pitting one section against another while holding the chair of Dy. CM of a State Government is very unbecoming, which must be condemned by all right thinking citizens.
The CTYO demanded to know whether the Deputy CM is in the chair only for CNTC areas, and why is he indulging in favouritism and condemning and targeting other sections and areas, specifically Chümoukedima District. It also demand to know the reason on why the Dy. CM has displayed so much angst against Chümoukedima District
In a statement issued by its media cell, the CTYO said that Patton has been fortunate to have been in the ruling Governments since 1998 and therefore he is the right person to tell why developmental activities have not been widespread as ought to be and only concentrated to certain pockets as he himself alleged.
He has held various crucial portfolios since 2008, and if development has been injudicious, he himself is to be blamed, the CTYO said.
Stating that there should be peace, goodwill and harmony amongst the CNTC brethren, the Organization asked as to why Patton is so against and jealous of Chumoukedima where there are thousands of people from all the different Naga communities living together in perfect harmony.
“Can he, by any remote possibility, show some or any developmental activities he had initiated, taken up or even contemplated in Chümoukedima area? Or is he simply rash and thoughtless enough to segregate and isolate the different communities which have made Chümoukedima their permanent homes?” it questioned.
Stating that the content of Patton’s speech is contradictory, it said he is not only making a mockery of himself but also of the important office that he holds and has shown to all how unfit he is to be given such a huge responsibility.
On the claims of Deputy CM that all developmental activities are concentrated in Chumoukedima while the rest are deprived, the CTYO apprised the Deputy CM that Chümoukedima Town is a cosmopolitan town and is inhabited by all Naga and non-Naga communities, who have been peacefully coexisting for decades.
Contrary to the claims of the Dy. CM, the greater portion of Chümoukedima district lies in utter neglect and shambles with the exception of the newly constructed National highway stretch, the CTYO said and asked the Deputy CM to clarify where exactly the purported developmental activities are taking place.
CTYO also impressed upon the Dy. CM to look into the grievances of the Chümoukedima District inhabitants for lack of basic amenities in all its administrative areas which will include paved Roads, Government schools, and Government colleges, health centres and Hospital and basic water supply.
It hoped that the Dy. CM would take a tour to access all the areas under Chümoukedima district and diligently look into those grievances accumulated over 20 years of neglect.
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