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CSU terms Patton’s statement as “careless and irresponsible”

Nagaland News

Dimapur, May 16: The Chakhesang Students’ Union (CSU) today termed the statement of Deputy Chief Minister, Y Patton as “careless and irresponsible” wherein he had reportedly stated that “the Chakhesangs are more advance than the Ao, Lotha and the Sumis and therefore, the Chakhesang tribe should be removed from the BT reservation”.
The CSU said the Deputy Chief Minister questioning the policy of his own government is shocking and unbelievable.
In a press release, CSU president, Avezo Kevin Kapu and general secretary, Pei Kezo stated that the Backward Tribe Reservation policy was created by the state based on the information available before the policy makers and legislatedby the Assembly. The BT reservation policy has mandatory provisions for periodical review after every 10 years but it was the failure of the successive Governments that the policy could not be reviewed and updated so that deserving section/sections of the community get full benefits, it said.
“The state had put all the Backward Tribe Reservation Committee reports namely, “Banuo Committee Report – 2008”, the “Kevichusa Committee Report – 2010” and the “Temjen Toy Committee Report – 2010″ in cold storage and their findings were never brought before the Assembly for review nor amendment and therefore, the BT reservation policy had failed to live up to its objectives till today,” the CSU stated.
The CSU alleged that rather than reviewing the out dated policy, the state has been arbitrarily modifying the reservation guidelines to suit its political interest violating all the established norms of quota distributions at the same time creating arbitrary roster policy.
Meanwhile, it appreciated the State Government for creating 33% job reservation that has benefited the community immensely for the last five decades.
However, it said excepting job reservation benefits, the Chakhesang Tribe is deprived from all other benefits such as Backward Region Grant Fund (BRGF) which was extended to all the BTs and some advance tribes except the Chakhesangs.
The Union further stated that the benefits such as Special grants, Border Area Development Fund and other packages meant for BTs are denied to the Chakhesangs and that the Chakhesangs are the only tribe among the BTs to be excluded from DUDA.
It also expressed surprised that in the last teachers recruitment, the Chakhesangs were the only tribe among the BTs that has been segregated and isolated for reason best known to the Government.
On the question of being more advance than the Ao, Lotha and Sumis, the CSU asked on what basis the Deputy Chief Minister has made such utterances particularly targeting the Chakhesang Community inciting the CNTC constituent units.
The CSU considered the statement of Deputy CM as “an ill intent to create division among the Naga society on tribal line” and said such dirty intent should be condemned by all intellectual students’ organization and right thinking citizens of the State to avoid further cracks in the Naga society. (Page News Service)