Tuesday, May 18, 2021

CSU seizes expired goods


Dimapur, October 27: The Choklangan Students` Union conducted surprised checking in shops on October 19 last at Choklangan as per Union Executive Minute and Resolution of Choklangan Village Council.
A team of CSU seized expired items and destroyed them in the presence of Choklangan Village Council and Gaonburas.
The Union cautioned the shopkeepers before buying and selling to check expired items and abstain from selling of intoxicant substances within the village. It also warned them to avoid selling goods at high prices for their profits.
The Union further advised the sellers that selling in high prices hampers and destroys the economy, and consumption of expired items and intoxicant substances both effects health as well as the consequence of destroying the child directly or indirectly.
The Union also reminded the wholesalers to be cautious in marketing expired items, and commented that failing which the Union is ready to initiate any course of action legally to any agency or party. (Page News Service)