Saturday, June 22, 2024

CSU reminds teachers to be present for service as per demands of students

Dimapur, August 13: While appreciating some village school management boards for their solicitous acts in marching ahead to deliver compatible quality education at the grassroots level, the Chakhesang Students’ Union (CSU) has supplemented the recent show cause notice served by Thuvopisii village SMB with regards to zero attendance of teaching faculty in schools.
The CSU said since the dawning of lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic, most of the teachers had left the station putting the students career at hook with no remedial assistance to clarify one’s doubt on not only academic matters but also on how to use modern technologies to access online classes which has become the prime source of teaching and learning process at this hour.
The union said it has taken note of all the grievous grievances expressed by the students and parents in finding difficulties to adopt with the process with no help around in the absence of teachers.
It further reminded all the teachers under the Union jurisdiction to present oneself or on roster basis as per the demand of the service by the students.
It also requested the respective units to be vigilant and report to the Union if they find any gap in the teaching learning process. The union also apprised the education department to be more serious in managing the system.
The union also appreciated the department’s decision to provide free pen drive which contains notes and lectures video to students studying in government schools. However, it said since majority of the students do not posses smartphones, PC/laptop, the department should also provide hard copy notes for students who don’t have such facilities.
Stating that many students are deprived of attending online classes because of poor network connectivity especially in remote areas, the Union said irregularity of cellular connection shouldn’t be another blockage to the students’ online classes at this hour.
It requested the cellular communication operator to deliver quality service in all areas and not to ignore the remote areas for the sake of few users.
The union further appreciated and thanked some schools and colleges proprietors for exhibiting humanitarian act to waive off some amounts in admission and monthly fees. It urged other educational institutions to consider the turmoil situations of the poor sections and to sympathize them through some few concessions.
The union further informed the educational institutions to be more cautious and follow Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as guided by the government order in conducting offline exams (exception to those areas where there’s no online facilities) and while distributing study materials to the students. (Page News Service)